SLBC/Bank Guarantee scam

Bank guarantee and Letters of Credit scam are becoming more rampant among business owners who fall victims to fake financing institution. Through our cyber forensic experts, retired law enforcement experts, we are able to pursue these fake companies and recover the money lost to them. Most times they are hundreds of thousands of dollars and some times Millions of dollars. But with our due diligence, we recover them all.


How We Work

Debt recovery specialists with extensive experience in the field of financial fraud. Here to help.

financial fraud recovery specialists
Funds Recovery

We help you recover money that you might have lost to fraudulent online schemes

Investment Advising

We advise you on profitable investment portfolios so as to ensure that you don't fall victim of investment scams again

Intelligence Gathering

Benefit from a wealth of data gathered by us and also by our associates. We can help you verify authenticity of investment schemes.

Claims Assessment

Our analysis of claims is through and carried out by some of the best attorneys in the business. We are dedicated to getting your money returned to you using result-oriented strategies.

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